Saturday, September 29, 2012

Wedding Gift Card How-To

Here is how to make the wedding gift card featured in my wedding projects.

First, start out with your card. This one is a premade DoodleBug card, but can easily be replicated with any paper. It is 11 inches tall and 4 inches wide. 

Configure your printer for whatever message you would like. I chose "Congratulations."

Print the message on your card. 

Select a stamp you would like to use, embossing ink (pad or pen; I prefer the pen for this stamp because of all the detail), and embossing powder. I chose black to match the color scheme. 

Apply ink to the entire design. I used the pen, so I colored over all the lines a few times to ensure I got the whole design. If using an ink pad, just dab it on the ink a few times. 

Stamp the stamp on the card. Apply even and firm pressure but be careful not to move the stamp or your design will be smudged.  Lift the stamp straight up off the paper. It is helpful to hold the card with the other hand to ensure it doesn't move. 

Immediately pour embossing powder over the design. I do this step on a sheet of paper so I can pour the left over powder back into the container. 

Shake off the excess powder. I will have a Qtip handy to brush off some of the loose powder bits. 

Hold your design over a heat source. I use the toaster because I am cheap and already have one :). The powder will melt and turn into a raised design. Apply the heat until the whole design has melted. 

Let the paper cool and glue a black ribbon on as an  accent and you're done!

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