Saturday, September 29, 2012

Handmade Military Greeting Cards

These are a few military cards that I have made.
This card was created to resemble a Queissner flag. These are the flags you see in peoples' windows. It is a red background with a white rectangle. Blue stars are added as necessary. 

This card was made to resemble to colors in the Marine "dress blues." The background is metallic dark blue with metallic white and red rectangles layered in the middle. A yellow ribbon is added and accented with a gold star. 

I made this card to recognize the Navy. It features a 3D stamp of the Navy logo on a textured dark blue background. It is accented with gold stripes. 

This card was made using a vellum eagle I found. It features a desert camo background with a stamp that says: Soldier  because of your bravery, courage, and sacrifice, liberty & freedom are still ours. We are deeply grateful. It is accented with paper gold stars. 

I actually sent a card similar to this to my brother while serving his first tour in Afghanistan. This card has a green camo background and is accented with metallic silver dog tags strung on a black rope. PFC stands for Private First Class and could be changed to accommodate any rank. 

This design was for a wedding or reception invitation. It was a lot of fun to create. It features a metallic green pochette card with a green camo backing. A complementary green cardstock features all of the invitation information and is accented with a small gold string and three gold stars.  This would also be a great invitation for a going away or welcome home party. The pochette is kept closed by a simple green camo belly band.

I saw something similar to this in a magazine. They just had boot print stamps. I wanted it to look like someone walking in mud, so I used a boot print stamp in a layer of modeling paste. I then painted it brown and accented the boot prints with water, which lightened up the paint. I added the phrase: some heroes wear capes.. mine wears combat boots on a three dimensional kraft colored paper.  This card would be great for a Mother or Father's day card for anyone with a parent in the Armed Forces. 

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