Thursday, October 11, 2012

Rainbow Wedding Invitation

So, I was asked about making a wedding invitation using black, white, and rainbow. I used the template of my Gold Filigree Wedding Invitation, available to view in my Wedding Invitation blog post ( 

I made the gatefold card black instead of gold. The gold inking pictured here will be black- as soon as I get my tool back! I could only find a thicker ribbon for a rainbow pattern. I prefer to use a 3/8'' ribbon but this one is 7/8''. We'll see how it works out. 
Then I have a few options for the paper to make the belly band out of. The only way to decide which looks best is to try them all. 

It may not look like much now, but, I think it'll turn out to be a pretty fun invitation!

I have spent the last few days ribbon hunting! I wasn't sure how I felt about the thick rainbow ribbon. I'm glad I looked around, because I found opalescent rainbow ribbon! I LOVE the idea of this and I can't wait to put it all together!! The effect is sort of hard to capture in a picture, but here goes:

So, the person who originally asked for the rainbow color scheme liked the polka dots. Here is what I came up with using that

And then, I really liked the opalescent ribbon, but it didn't really match the polka dots, so I just used metallic black for the belly band. The trade off for this design is that the color is more subtle. 

The latest variation features a vellum belly band!

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