Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Handmade Thank You Cards

My newly wedded brother and his wife have requested at least 30 thank you cards from me.  But they want a few different designs. 

My first one is a pink thank you. It is a dark pink rose patterned cardstock underneath a metallic pink. The metallic pink cardstock is embossed with Lifestyle Crafts polka dots pattern with a flower cut into it. The flower is accented with a gem brad.  I applied "thank you" rub ons to a textured white paper. I glued foam on the back of the nameplate to raise it out a little and then attached it to the card. 

Second design. I wish I would have used silver ribbon, but, its too late now! I made it with letterpressing extras I had. 

I made two of these for them. This design features a black metallic cardstock sheet  embossed with Quickutz's Diamonds embossing folder, off white metallic 'thank you' done with Quickutz's Basic Phrases cookie cutter die, and a pearlescent off white ribbon through a heart shaped rhinestone ribbon slider. 

I made this thank you card with Lifestyle Crafts' Damask plates ( I ran the plate without any ink for a real subtle deboss. I topped it off with a pearlescent rainbow ribbon and a silver inked Thank You from Lifestyle Crafts' Flourish plates (

This one was made using the Wintertide letterpress plates and the same silver thank you from their Wedding set. I added a flourish die cut as an accent. 

I made this card using the Lifestyle Crafts Petals ( printing plate in teal blue ink with the Thank You in yellow. I really like the color combo!

I kept seeing really pretty Japanese origami paper, so I decided to play around with some. I made a pretty easy cherry blossom and decided to turn it into a red, white, and black thank you card.

I really like this one! For some reason, the yellow ink has been appealing to me lately. It was made using Lifestyle craft's Ruffles plate ( with their yellow ink. I added a stamped thank you with their nesting doily die cut ( 

Continuing with the yellow, I created this one using Lifestyle Craft's Bubbly printing plates ( for the background. Then I inked the thank you in teal using their Blossoms printing plate ( I cut the thank you out using their nesting lace ovals die (, added a yellow background to that, and attached it over a ribbon. 

This thank you card was created using Lifestyle Craft's Ruffles printing plate ( and light blue ink. The thank you was inked in silver and cut out using the nesting eyelet rectangles die ( with a complementary silver background attached over a silver ribbon.

This thank you card was created close to Christmas, so I used red and green ink. The background and flower accent for this thank you card were created using Lifestyle Craft's Blossoms printing plate ( The flower is accented with a green circle die cut and the thank you with a red ribbon.

Another design using the Lifestyle Craft's Ruffles plate ( and light blue ink. I made the thank you pink and added a pink ribbon. 

Most of my handmade thank you cards are available in my store:

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